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Freitag, 21. Juni 2013, 00:25

Alien Invasion

Dear Space Pilots

As you might have noticed in the past, we aspire to make the game more interesting with regular updates and try to improve excitement, fun and variety by implementing new features. A next major milestone will in new future be the launch of a new enemy in the game, whose actions are based on artificial intelligence (AI). We’ve made our thoughts and we would like to introduce to you the temporary result.

Alien Invasion

So far, our universe has been peaceful, but those days are over now. A strange species from previously unknown dimensions has discovered us and is now trying to gain it’s place in our universe. Using a superior technology they bring complete planets into our universes by using wormholes and try to take power. Thus, they challenge your strategic skills on a whole new level.

Aliens under attack will naturally not stand it without defending themselves and will take revenge. Because of their superior technology, they are also capable of using interfering signals which take a negative influence on your production, as long as your planet is in reach of an alien planet.

But recent research and technology allow you to fight this invasion, strike back and effectively destroy the invaders.

We intend to introduce AI with version 2.2. In the list below you will find more details about the planned new AI feature, but this is merely a current planning status, and changes are not excluded. We are looking forward to hear your feedback.

Best Regards

Your SpaceInvasion team

More information about Patch 2.2 (current planning status):

  • Aliens from an unknown planet in a very distant galaxy will settle through wormholes in our planetary systems.
  • Alien levels are assigned by a classification (1-5 stars) to our AZs and will only interact with the players of the allocated AZ.
  • Near a planet populated by aliens, production is reduced by a certain percentage.
  • Aliens will take revenge when they are attacked.
  • Aliens understand the mechanics of escape flights, so not every attack will be crowned with success.
  • You can defeat the aliens by destroying their power supply but you need to take down all their defences first.

  • By attacking aliens and recycling their rubble fields, you have the chance to capture fragments of data discs. These can be either intact or defective.
  • With a new research, you have the possibility to reconstruct the broken fragments.
  • Once you own all fragments of a data disc, you can unlock technical improvements or time-limited bonuses which will be helpful to you during the game.

  • For any attack on the alien planets a jammer probe is necessary to get through the shields which are installed around their planets.
  • Those jammers probes also have to be used to spy alien planets.
  • Optionally you can build a scanner ship, which will assist you in finding data disc fragments.
  • With the new EMP bomb you will be able to weaken the shields of an alien planet in order to place an attack.