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Dienstag, 9. April 2013, 22:42

SI-Tool Version 4.20

When you have more than one SI2 account configured the coordinates of certain planets might have been computed wrongly after a restart. Fixed.

Have fun


Sonntag, 25. August 2013, 18:01

SI-Tool Version 4.21

Thanks to RoyalOss (and with a little help from dschibait ;) ) the teleporter particle cost calculation is now included in version 4.21.

Have fun


Donnerstag, 19. September 2013, 21:23

SI-Tool Version 4.22

The new, alien specific ship types have been added.
Names that differ between SI 1.3 and SI 2.0 have been adapted for all supported languages.

Have fun


Montag, 30. September 2013, 23:07

SI-Tool Version 4.23

Buildings, ships and defenses that are under construction are now properly ignored again.

Have fun


Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013, 15:44

SI-Tool Version 4.24

V4.24 now supports the speed factor for SI2.
The new coordinates for the Speed 2.0 universe were provided by dschibait and can be downloaded from the SI Tool page.

Have fun


Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2013, 22:41

SI-Tool Version 4.25

There was an error that shifted the galaxy coordinates in ring 2 ( 7-18 ).
Fixed now.

Have fun


Donnerstag, 7. November 2013, 23:37

SI-Tool Version 4.26

There was an off-by-1 error importing the SI2 Speed uni planet coordinates (the normal SI2 uni coordinates had been adjusted for that, that obviously was long ago and I had forgotten all about it).

Please download the speed uni coordinates from the SI Tool site and import the new version into SI Tool.

Have fun


Sonntag, 17. November 2013, 18:41

SI-Tool Version 4.27

Well , I thought I had cracked the off-by-one error in 4.26, guess I was wrong. Turns out it was necessary for the orbital position in the SI2 beta planets.xml.gz file to be 0-based.

So, again, please redownload the speed uni coordinates from the SI Tool site and import the new version into SI Tool (you'll have the right ones if your spin counter drops dramatically :D).

Have fun


Sonntag, 24. August 2014, 16:01

SI-Tool Version 4.28

Some planets have been 'misfiled' (see Planets displaced) in SI classic. SI Tool now puts them in the same place as the game. This only impacts in-system escape flights and spice production on the affected planets.

As -Sarkasmus- pointed out only planets nearer than the neighbor system were used for in-system escape flights. Doubtless there was once a compelling reason for doing this but I have long since forgotten it. Restriction has been removed.

Have fun


Freitag, 9. September 2016, 22:37

SI-Tool Version 4.29

NullpointerException on startup, if the default account was not the first (SI2) account. Fixed.
Thanks to steelfire.

Have fun


Dienstag, 14. Februar 2017, 09:09

SI-Tool Version 4.30

Implemented the new attack zones and the 'galaxy loop'

Have fun

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